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GW2 Overlay - на все случаи жизни

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GW2 Overlay - на все случаи жизни





The GW2 Personal Assistant Overlay is an 'overlay' utility that sits on top of Guild Wars 2 as you play, providing various information such as time until world events, zone completion information, and WvW objectives status.



World Events Tracker

The Events Tracker overlay tracks active and inactive world events, and allows a user to keep track of which events have already been completed for the day.



World Event Notifications

Event Notifications are notification pop-ups that appear when a world event is about to start.



Zone Completion Assistant

The Zone Completion Assistant displays real-time distance and direction information for zone completion points/locations and provides several options for keeping track of unlocked locations.



Dungeon Tracker

The Dungeon Tracker is a simple overlay tool that allows a user to keep track of what dungeon paths have been completed for the day, and provides some basic information about each dungeon and dungeon path.



WvW Tracker

The WvW Tracker overlay displays all objectives in the current player's WvW map, and includes information such as current owner, estimated time-distance to the objective, and the current RI timer value.



WvW Notifications

WvW Notifications are notification pop-ups that appear when an objective (keep/tower/camp, etc) has been captured in one of the WvW maps.



Trading Post Calculator

The Trading Post Calculator is a simple tool that allows a user to calculate profit, taxes, and break-even prices for buying/selling items on the in-game Trading Post.



Trading Post Price Notifications

Price Notifications are notifications that appear when an item has reached a certain highest Buy Order or lowest Sale Listing in the Trading Post. Want to know when the price of Dawn has dropped below a certain value, or when Copper Ore's Buy Orders reach a specific price? This tool will notify you of the change in price.



Teamspeak Overlay

The Teamspeak Overlay is a basic overlay window that uses the ClientQuery plugin of Teamspeak and allows a user to see when someone talks, sends a chat, or enters/exits the current channel. The tool also allows the user to change channel and send chat messages themselves.



Web Browser

For all needs not provided by the other overlay windows, the Web Browser allows a user to look up guides, videos, or anything else.

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